Make quick, simple meals elegant with our exciting selection of entrees and gourmet meals. Each kit contains enough food to feed at least one person, allowing you put dinner together in less time. Whether you’re making a Thanksgiving turkey and smorgasbord or purchasing food for a friend, these quick and easy food options are delicious and entirely appropriate for everyone. Foodie friends and families rejoice as simple, well-prepared meals are just a few clicks away.

Set yourself up for weekend bliss with our one- to three-day entree kits. These kits come with either one or three individual meals suitable for lunch, dinner or parties. Options vary and feature items like pasta, meatloaf and even roast meat dinners. Some kits are also themed and provide comfort food, pasta dishes, Cajun meals, barbecue or other culture-themed meals rather than just a random assortment of options. Each individual entree feeds between two and four people and comes fully frozen and ready to pop in the oven – all you need to do is lay down a tablecloth, bake each entree and serve. Three-day entree kits make the ideal complement to a weekend getaway, cabin camping trip or business trips where you are given access to a kitchen.

If you need food for a larger crowd or a longer period of time, then try our five-day or three-month entree boxes instead. Five-day boxes come with five individual entrees — one for each day of the week. Three-month kits come with nine individual entrees shipped at a rate of three per month, taking care of Friday or Saturday dinner at least three weeks out of the month. Like the three-day kit, each is professionally prepared and pre-frozen for easy prep at home, and each feeds between two and four people. The three-month kits are especially appropriate for busy professionals and students.

The busy hubbub of a kitchen on Christmas or Thanksgiving reminds many of home. Cut back on the time you spend making dinner and increase time spent with beloved family members when you select one of our Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey kits. Ranging in size from large to small, each comes with both the delicious turkey itself and a variety of side dishes and sweets, so you are able to cook and serve dinner with little to no effort. Exceptional options like chive mashed potatoes, creamed kale and pecan pie make holiday meals extra special while tender and juicy turkey and ham delight and inspire both family and guests. If you need a few more options, then choose from a robust selection of appetizers, sweets and specialty items and take your meal to the next level.