Gluten-Free Foods and Desserts


Feasting on gourmet, gluten-free baked goods and meals is easy with our kits, ready-to-eat meals and sweet treats. Holiday favorites including flaky pumpkin and pecan pies arrive cooked to perfection and ready to thaw and eat, while traditional latkes and fruit gem cookies only require a few minutes in the oven to be warm and ready for guests. Serve our Gluten-Free Lobster Macaroni and Cheese for a perfect dinner party dish, or try the Williams-Sonoma Gluten-Free Stuffing for a savory and healthy accompaniment to roast turkey.

Home chefs have their choice of versatile gluten-free flours, bread kits and cookie mixes to create family favorites and new gluten-free delights for their health-conscious loved ones. Kits that include exclusive baking pans are great gifts for any devoted baker. When there is a party to throw and no time for baking, order our luscious cakes fit for the most important celebrations. There is even a beer kit for home brewers and pizza dough for the best gluten-free pizza party ever.

Spread some sunshine on your gluten-free pancakes from a jar of one of our toppings and honeys, and dip your gluten-free snickerdoodle in a steaming cup of our exclusive coffee when you need a sweet and healthy lift.