Flour & Gluten Free Flour

Flour is an ingredient used abundantly in many meals. Whether you use it to thicken gravy and sauce or to bake cookies and bread, flour is an extremely important element that must be present in your pantry. It may sound like an ordinary ingredient, but it is the base ingredient for cakes, pastas, cookies and breads. It is the flour in the baked goods that is responsible for binding the rest of the ingredients together and forming a dough. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer you a variety of flour and gluten free flour options. Our high quality baking ingredients will help you out when you are in the mood for creating baked goods from scratch, whipping up an au ju to glaze your roast beef, making handmade tortillas, coating chicken before frying and much more.

Flour is typically made from wheat, even though it can be milled from a variety of grains. When water is added to the wheat flour, the proteins in it bind together to form gluten. It is this gluten that provides the elasticity to whichever goods you decide to bake. Are you itching to make a pizza at home? Our collection of pizza tools offers you lots of products that make baking a pizza seem like a piece of cake. What’s more, making a pizza crust that is crunchy, crispy as well as delicious is very easy with our pizza crust mixes. We also offer you gluten free pizza crust mixes. In fact, we have a wide range of cake and cookie mixes – both standard recipes and gluten free – right from the pumpkin spice cookie mix to the molten chocolate cake mix.

Are you a fan of cinnamon apple pie or do you prefer chicken mushroom quiche? If you are wondering what the secret to a perfect pie crust is, the answer is butter, lots and lots of butter. However, you need to understand that the flour used also plays an important role in ensuring that the pie crust is tender and flaky. Our pie crust mix is made from organic pastry flour and is perfect when you want golden crusts for tarts, pies and quiches. Is someone in your family allergic to gluten? Worry not; we have a gluten free mix, too. Now everyone at home will be able to enjoy a slice of the mouthwatering sweet or savory pie. With our collection of pie pans, there is no need to use your fingers to shape the pie crust.

Are you a chocoholic who loves to eat baked products but cannot do so because of your gluten allergy? Well, you are definitely in for a treat. We have a gluten free brownie mix on offer just for you, which means you can now enjoy decadent brownies that are 100 percent gluten free. This multipurpose mix can be used to make any and all chocolate goodies such as chocolate cookies, devil’s food cake and chocolate lava cakes. If you are looking for more gluten free goods, remember to check out our gluten free mixes and enjoy baked goods like chocolate bouchons, waffles and lemon poppy seed bread.

If you are very health conscious, then our wholesome gluten free flour is the perfect fit for you. This flour is rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that are very healthy for you and your family. The rice bran and flaxseed present in this flour make it rich in natural fiber. You can use it as a substitute in any recipes, including pizza crusts and breads. For bread lovers, we have a wide range of bread mixes as well, available in both varieties, standard and gluten free.