Specialty Desserts

If you want to be the talk of the neighborhood after the next annual Halloween block party with everyone who has a sweet tooth, then wow your friends and neighbors with our Halloween treat tray full of spooky treats. The caramel and chocolate on these delicacies are likely to make their heads spin, but the biggest surprise is on the inside. The chocolate lovers get a little vitamin C when they bite into one of the healthiest fruits in the world: an apple. Williams-Sonoma handcrafts each elfin apple by dipping it in caramel and then again in the finest milk chocolate. However, it doesn’t stop there. With three specialty desserts from which to choose, you get one topped off with roasted walnuts, one with toffee walnuts and one dribbled with white and dark chocolate.

If you are not sure how to surprise your friend who is an aficionado of Halloween and a chocolate lover to boot, then rack your brain no more and bring the chilling holiday and sweet delights together with our Halloween gift set. Zoe’s Chocolate Co., creates these specialty truffles Mediterranean style to follow its family heritage. This sweet gift box houses ghastly confections created from sustainable and local ingredients, such as fresh cream and pureed pumpkin, along with milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Put together with all the “secret ingredients,” these chocolate pleasures make dark cacao nibs, chocolate caramel treats and pumpkin chocolate delicacies. Along with the truffles, treat your Halloween enthusiast to bat bark and skull pops.

When you are in the mood to surprise your loved ones with an exclusive dessert on a cool autumn day just for the heck of it, choose our pumpkin blondies, which are special pleasures that fit the season to perfection. A combination of the fall essence, these scrumptious delights flaunt the season’s flavors of maple, spice and pumpkin. What makes these the ultimate treats is the chewy chocolate chip base and their maple cream filling.

Don’t let those with a gluten allergy miss out on the fun of desserts and chocolate enjoyment during a holiday get-together or Christmas celebration. Grab our gluten-free lava cakes made of only chocolate, making it so anyone is able to enjoy these ooey gooey chocolate confections. Galaxy Desserts out of Northern California is responsible for these gluten-free lovelies handcrafted from natural ingredients like pure cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate. Enjoy them right out of the package or pop them in the microwave for a minute or two, and then take pleasure in a warm cake with a liquidy surprise in the middle.