Part of the reason everyone looks forward to the holidays every year is because of the desserts. Whether it’s having a bounty of candy after Halloween night, or treating yourself and your guests to special confections during Thanksgiving dinner, candy and confections are both a big part of the fall and winter holidays. While some may take a stab at making Halloween or Thanksgiving candy on their own, some may be looking for ways to find less time-consuming treats for their guests during the holidays. Peruse a vast selection of holiday candies and confections available that are sure to delight both you and your guests.

Get into the Halloween spirit with a variety of different types of spooky-themed candies that are sure to be a hit not only for your adult party, but also for the little monsters that come to the door. Skull-shaped marshmallows are a fun treat to add to your own tabletop, or to give out as treats. Candy corn is also a staple at every fall holiday gathering since the dawn of time, so put a new twist on an old favorite with selections such as candy corn gummies. Sour bat gummies are also a fun idea for the young ones, while sour pumpkin gummies and pumpkin-shaped marshmallows are sure to impress.

Another spectacular idea for Halloween food are Halloween lollipops. Give these out as treats, or keep them in your own candy dish for yourself and the kids. For the little trick-or-treaters, there are also lovely Halloween treat bags for the kids, already filled with different candies and treats. This is a wonderful idea if you’re hosting a kids’ party at your home. While you may go trick-or-treating with the little ones around the neighborhood, you can also provide them with a bag already stuffed full of fun.

.There are also many ideas for your Thanksgiving feast or kids’ party. A caramel apple kit is fun for both kids and adults, and when the treats are finished, you have something to offer your guests after dinner has ended. You can also offer your guests classic chocolates and candy, such as vanilla caramels, pumpkin brittle and chocolate pate de fruit. Other fun ideas for both kids and adults for the fall and winter holidays include snowflake marshmallows, which are great for cocoa, peppermint caramel apples and marshmallow snowmen. No matter the holiday, you can always keep your pantry stocked with a bevy of different and wonderful sweets available from Williams-Sonoma.