Baking Ingredients

Whether you want to make a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies or want to get a little more creative in your dessert creations, Williams-Sonoma has all of the baking ingredients you need for tasty innovations. It does not matter if you are a weekend warrior in the kitchen or a professional cook because the best baked goods always start with the right ingredients. Give your cakes, bread and other creations the base they need to become delicious. We even offer several decorating options that allow you to personalize and glamorize your desserts for all sorts of occasions.

One of the most important baking ingredients is vanilla. For the most authentic vanilla taste, start with pure vanilla beans still in their pods. With these pods, you simply split them open with a knife, and then add the beans inside to your flour or other mixes. Then, add the batter to one of the pans from your bakeware set. A 7-inch vanilla bean pod provides the equivalent of about one tablespoon of vanilla extract and also adds texture and variety to your finished product, whether that be a cake or a batch of ice cream.

For a more uniform way to add vanilla or other flavorings, go with extract. Extracts allow you to measure the amount you add to your baking mix easily but make sure to be careful because they all pack a powerful punch. We also have vanilla extract paste that gives you a more solid ingredient to add to your baking project, which is good if you need a solid consistency before placing your cake pan into the oven.

Pack even more flavor into your baked goods when you try vanilla extract products with added flavors. Vanillas infused with bourbon give you a smoky, rich flavor that is comparable to cherry―floral and fruity in nature. We offer bourbon vanillas made with either Mexican or Tahitian vanilla beans, and if you are not sure which one is right for you, we even offer a variety pack with three different flavors.

If you are trying to recreate your momʼs or grandmaʼs apple pie recipe from scratch, making the crust is one of the hardest parts. Fortunately, we offer a pie crust mix that takes all of the guesswork out of the integral part of the pie. These crusts have all of the flour and sugar you need, plus a touch of sea salt for a salty bite. Use these crusts to make everything from peach cobbler to blueberry pie, and they also work well for savory pot pies filled with chicken, peas, corn and gravy.

One of the downsides of baking is that people with celiac disease cannot enjoy most of the food because of the adverse effects of gluten on their systems. Fortunately, we offer several varieties of gluten-free flour that allow people with celiac and gluten sensitivity enjoy all of the wonderful creations from your kitchen. Find an all-purpose flour for all of your baking needs to create a batch of brownies with a special blend. We even have a gluten-free blend that is ideal for throwing on top of your pizza stone for a gluten-free pie.

Give your baked goods a new flavor profile when you add ground espresso beans. This powder dissolves almost instantly in your baking mixture, leaving you with just the flavor of coffee without any of the texture of the beans. Another cool trick is to add some ground chocolate to create a mocha-inspired cake or batch of cookies.

Finish off a fresh birthday cake by writing someoneʼs name on it using our set of chocolate deco pens. This edible way to write produces legible results that are also delectable. Make frilly designs using food decorating paste or complete a key lime pie with sugar icing shapes.