BBQ & Grilling

Ah, barbecuing. Can you think of a better sound than the sweet sizzle of dinner cooking on the grill? The goodness doesn’t end there though, because there’s also that delicious barbecue smell, so rich and succulent that it’s often enough to leave mouths watering. So, are you hungry yet? If not, the distinct flavors of Williams-Sonoma BBQ and grilling sauces are sure to get you there. Use them as a grilling marinade or drizzle them slowly over some meat and start roasting. Whether you prefer spicy or sweet, our sauces are sure to bring a new burst of flavor to your home cooking.

Variety is the spice of life, and there’s no place this is more true than in the kitchen. Whether you’re slow cooking a stew or preparing an oven-roasted specialty, our BBQ and grilling sauces give meats and veggies that extra delightful oomph. For a holiday turkey dinner this year, consider our apple cider and sage glaze options, which feature an enticing blend of ingredients such as aged bourbon whiskey and Dijon mustard. Just in case apple cider’s not your thing, there’s lots of other sauces to choose from. Perhaps you’d prefer our delicious maple bourbon roasting glaze, which is perfect not just for turkey, but chicken, pork and ham as well. For an easy-to-make side dish, check out some of our oven-baked risotto, where all you need to do is add some stock, simmer and then serve.

When the meat’s cooked and you just want to quickly add some extra flavor, you might enjoy one of our simmering sauces, like a marsala wine or bordelaise sauce. These delectable sauces are a great way to spice up grilled meats without sacrificing time for taste. Like our BBQ and grilling sauces, you can also soak meats prior to cooking for added flavor.

Next time you’re thinking about a gift for grilling fans, consider our craft beer BBQ sauce or steak sauce sets. Perfect for sampling a variety of different flavors, you might finding yourself getting two sauce sets – one for a gift, and one just for you. Our oils and vinegars are more kitchen staples that make great gift ideas for the cooking connoisseurs in your life.

Sometimes a recipe calls for a little bit more than just a delicious sauce. When you want to take more control of dinner, having the right spices is an absolute must. Adding the right blend of seasoning to some roasted potatoes or carrots is a perfect way to complement our BBQ and grilling sauces. Here’s to the chef.