Wine and Beer Fridges


When hosting a party, or if a friend drops by for a visit, it is always nice to have a cold beverage to offer them. A dedicated wine and beer fridge keeps drinks cool all the time, so you always have something refreshing to offer guests. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer several different styles to choose from.

The Marvel Indoor Single Tap Built-In Beer Dispenser is equipped with two stow-on-board shelves for storage. The built-in tap allows you to dispense beer directly from the keg inside. It has enough room to store a half barrel of beer and its Dynamic Cooling Technology keeps the fridge frost-free. You can adjust the shelves and use it as a regular refrigerator when you do not have kegs inside.

Cuisinart Electric Wine Cellar’s freestanding design is a great addition to any kitchen. The electronic thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature and it comes in multiple sizes ranging from eight to 32 bottles. The Caso Countertop Wine Cellar is a smaller model with room for eight bottles that fits conveniently on the counter or bar.

For serious wine connoisseurs, the Krups Wine and Aerator Dispenser features two chambers that store individual wine bottles at the perfect temperature for up to ten days. Each chamber features an aerator that enhances the wine’s aromatics and prevents oxidation. You can pour individual servings from the lever at the top of the chamber. With your own wine and beer fridge, you never have to worry about entertaining at a moment's notice.