Whether you want a whole-grain bagel in the morning with some egg whites, or just simply need a slice of toast on the way out the door to work or school, a toaster is a necessary staple in any kitchen. Even some of the simplest of toasters have smart technology in the digital age we live in, allowing for seamless, great toasting every time to make your morning even better. Choose from William-Sonoma’s two-slice and four-slice toasters, which are available in a variety of styles to suit your preferences.

If you just plan to toast a small capacity of bread occasionally, a two-slice toaster with smart technology is a great idea. Five different settings allow you to program the toaster exactly how would like your food. For example, settings include Bagel, Toast, Lift & Look, Defrost and A Bit More, so you are able to tell your toaster exactly how to perform. A stainless-steel finish allows the toaster to blend in with your existing kitchen electrics and decor, and this toaster is easy to both clean and maintain. If you plan to toast larger capacities each morning, opt for the four-slice option that includes all of the same features.

Decorate your countertop with your choice of toasters that come in vibrant colors, such as pink and yellow, with a two- or four-slice toaster from Dualit. An included selector lets you only use the number of slots you need to toast, while a mechanical timer allows for just the right amount of toasting time for your tastes. Hand-assembled, this toaster adds a classic feel touch to any kitchen, and a removable crumb tray lets you easily clean and maintain the toaster.

If you prefer a simple two- or four-slice toaster, opt for a classic metal toaster that fits neatly right on your countertop with your other electrics. Extra-wide slots allow you to place both bagels and pastries, and six browning settings allow you to toast to perfection. A special control lets you control each slot separately. If your spouse likes well-done toast and you prefer lightly toasted, this is a perfect fit for breakfast. For a unique breakfast experience, consider a toaster that lets you see the bread as it is toasting. With a strong stainless-steel construction, this toaster is meant to last. In addition to the viewing windows that let you see through, this toaster also has four programmable settings such as Bagel and Reheat to ensure perfect toast every time. Four quartz heating elements in this toaster also provide uniformly browned toast for a treat every morning.