Countertop Ovens

Oven, stovetop and microwave cooking provide you with a myriad of options to heat up everything from a snack to a full-course dinner. However, sometimes having a countertop or toaster oven is much more convenient to cook or reheat certain foods. It’s great to simply pop a slice of pizza in your countertop oven, to have a quick snack or lunch in just a few minutes. As with all appliances, there are many different types of toaster and countertop ovens, with different features to meet all of your needs.

When deciding on a countertop or toaster oven, think about the features that are important to you. For breakfast foods, such as bagels and toast, you may want to look for a countertop oven with a specific Bagel or Toast setting, such as the Smart Oven Pro from Breville. This professional countertop oven has a bevy of other features and settings, such as Broil, Roast, Pizza and even Cookies. This oven also features a slow cook function on both a high and low setting, for heating or reheating foods slowly. A 13" nonstick pizza pan is also included for making the perfect pizza right on your countertop. A compact version of this countertop oven is also available for those that need to save space, or simply want a smaller oven.

There are also other miniature toaster ovens available that are compact enough to take up minimal space on your countertop, but still large enough to heat an 11" pizza. Consider an oven with a heat range of 120 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to cook a wealth of different foods, and preset functions to make heating of common foods, such as bagels and toast, easier and more convenient. A nonstick baking chamber allows for easy cleanup, as well as an included crumb tray that you easily pull out.

Beyond the regular countertop toaster or convection oven, there are specialty countertop pizza makers as well as rotisserie ovens that allow you to branch out on simple and easy cooking. The pizza maker allows you to set the dough, add all of your ingredients, close the lid, and enjoy the closest thing to brick oven pizza there is. Exclusive to Williams-Sonoma, this pizza maker features a ceramic pizza stone to provide even cooking, and a Keep Warm setting that keeps pizza fresh and ready to eat for longer.