Smart Kitchen Tools

Make the time you spend in the kitchen easier and more efficient with our smart kitchen tools. These ingenious gadgets let you pare back on time, so you can focus on enjoying the experience of cooking or baking hassle-free. Easy-to-use tablet easels let you read recipes from a distance while keeping your device out of harm’s way, while sound systems and Bluetooth speakers put the inspirational power of sound at your fingertips. Whatever you’re looking for, Williams-Sonoma has the high-tech cook’s tools you need to get the job done while enjoying it, too.

Create efficient, easy mornings with advanced coffee makers like the Saeco Gran Baristo and Nespresso line of machines. These aren’t your everyday coffee maker; advanced features let you whip up your favorite specialty drink at the touch of a button. Make rich, vibrant espresso in seconds, or create espresso, cappuccinos, lattes and more. Program the Saeco to create perfect drinks via its easy-to-use Aventi smartphone app, or stick with the Nespresso’s simplicity to cut back on time. Whichever smart beverage machine you choose, you’ll love how it turns your kitchen into a café in seconds, filling up your mug with perfection.

Working in the kitchen is easier than ever, thanks to tablets and smartphones, but it’s not always easy to keep your device free from debris while reading recipes. Shop our protective sleeves and easel bases to elevate your tablet and protect it from dust, flour, and spills while you’re working. Some options serve only one need, while others, like the Chef Co. cutting board, are multifunctional, helping you in a number of ways as you chop, prepare, mix and bake. For those who love to live green, recyclable protective screens – that are also touch-sensitive – ensure that old sleeves don’t hit the landfill if you don’t want them to.

Smart thermometers are the cook’s best friend, especially if you’re making candy, chocolate or meats. Cooking by internal temperature is much more precise than by vision or looks alone, and can make some dishes safer and more reliable to eat. Testing the internal temperature of pork and beef roasts is easy; just slide the thermometer into the meat as it rests in the roaster. Glance and the digital readout to confirm what stage of cooking you’ve reached. Candy and chocolate lovers, have no fear; our smart thermometers have a smooth, shiny metal surface that makes them both durable and easy to clean. Just rinse the end in warm, soapy water to clean it.