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Pressure cookers reduce cooking time while slow cookers operate with minimal supervision. Williams-Sonoma offers a range of versatile and energy-efficient pressure cookers and slow cookers that are useful additions to any household. This includes rice cookers, which are perfect for making fluffy rice, steaming seafood and chicken creations. We offer a wide range of cookers from KitchenAid, Philips, Zojirushi, All-Clad, Cuisinart and Breville, including slow cookers with ceramic or non-stick cast aluminum inserts, pressure multi-cookers with steaming/roasting racks and stir towers, rice cookers and pressure cookers that eliminate guesswork with precision temperature and time settings.

Electric pressure cookers can cook anything from potatoes to chili. They are easy to use with preprogrammed pressure settings, countdown timers and automatic switch to warming on completion. Multi-cookers offer a variety of preprogrammed functions for versatile cooking including simmering, searing, slow cooking and roasting. They offer low-effort preparation of family dinners and one-pot meals in a compact form, and can include a stir-tower to prevent food sticking to the cooking pot. Rice cookers feature sophisticated "fuzzy logic" technology to prepare rice or porridge with human-like skill. They can cook steamed meat dishes thanks to an included basket and can even bake beautiful, moist cakes. Pair a new cooker with one of our many cookbooks and start a new culinary adventure.