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Popcorn Makers

The selection of popcorn makers at Williams-Sonoma includes several types of poppers that make it easy to prepare a batch of fresh, hot popcorn. Choose from traditional units that make the kind of salty, buttery treat you find at a movie theater, air poppers that make light and fluffy snacks that are low in calories, specially designed stovetop pans and containers made to cook popcorn in the microwave. Popcorn samplers, gift boxes and seasoning kits are also available to make it easy to pick up everything needed in one shopping experience.

The popcorn makers offered in our lineup of specialty electric cookware quickly and efficiently prepare popcorn and then conveniently tuck out of the way when not in use. These units can sit out on the countertop to be included as part of a room’s decor. Match the electric popcorn popper with other countertop appliances or with a room’s color scheme or other ornamentation to create a uniform style. Or select a popper with a theme that matches an event, like movie night or a pizza-themed party. A third option is to simply take advantage of the small size and portability of a countertop popper and hide the unit out of sight in a cupboard when it’s not in use.

For convenience and short preparation times, consider a microwave popper that makes it easy to prepare a quick and healthy snack. These poppers provide a fresh alternative to bags of microwave popcorn, and they’re made of materials that stand up to the intense heat put out by a microwave oven. Heat-resistant laboratory glass and silicone also make these durable microwave poppers dishwasher-safe, so they are easy to clean and maintain after use. Butter or oil are optional with this type of popper, so the kernels turn out just right, whether fat-free or buttery-rich.

For a more traditional alternative when making popcorn, try one of our stove-top poppers. This type of unit is approximately the size of a traditional Dutch oven or soup pot that sits on the burner of a stove, such as one of our professional quality ranges. The popper is then prepared with oil or butter and the desired amount of popcorn. This type of unit has a handle that allows you to easily stir the popcorn while it is on the burner to prevent scorching while cooking. Steam vents on the lid help to keep the popcorn light and fluffy, and the hinged lid on this type of pan can be opened on one side to pour kernels into a container for serving.

In addition to finding the right popcorn maker, finding the right popcorn and seasonings can help make snack time more enjoyable. Our gift sets and samplers provide a way to try different flavors without a lot of extra work. Our samplers include different types of popcorn, such as heirloom varieties, and cooking oils that add a light flavor and have a high smoke point that helps keep the popcorn from sticking. Seasoning kits also add cheesy flavors, such as white cheddar, Gouda and Parmesan, that can be sprinkled on popcorn.

If the freshly prepared popcorn from one of our popcorn makers is something you want to use as an ingredient in another recipe, such as popcorn balls or caramel corn, our lineup of smart tools can help protect sensitive electronic devices, such as an iPad or tablet, while food is being prepared. A stand is also available to position the iPad, or another type of tablet, for reading while cooking if the recipe is stored in the device or online. Screen sleeves and screen protectors are available to keep grease splatters and bits of food off your mobile device’s screen.

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