Hand Mixers

For those that bake only every so often or simply don’t have the room on their countertops for a professional stand mixer, hand mixers and immersion blenders are ideal. Make Williams-Sonoma mixes for cake, whip up icing and beat egg whites with impunity with a variety of different types of hand mixers. From digital to analog options, beating cake batter by hand can certainly become a thing of the past.

Some digital hand mixers provide six different speeds, with everything from beat to whip, but every speed starts slowly so that splattering is never an issue. A sensor within the machine’s motor also provides for even and efficient mixing, even when it is making its way through a tough batch of dough or other thick food. Two beaters and two dough-hook attachments let you mix a variety of foods with a high level of efficiency. Quick-release attachments can be released right into the sink for quick scrubbing and maintenance.

A hand mixer and scraper combination gives you the best of both worlds in a compact countertop electric appliance. This mixer scrolls through the speeds on its own to decide which is best to mix the consistency of the dough or batter. The mixer can also tell what kind of beaters are attached to it, and it adjusts the mixing accordingly, so there is a complete and thorough mix every time. The scraper also meets with the bowl regularly to ensure that all batter is mixed and moved from the sides. If you need help keeping track of the amount of time that you’ve mixed batter or dough, a handy digital timer is installed. An included light also shines on what you’re mixing for closer inspection.

For those who may prefer a simples hand mixer, opt for a handheld mixer with an included storage case. A simple hand mixer does exactly what it is intended to do, with nine speeds for you to make consistent and even dough or batter. These hand mixers also come with an attachable whisk, as well as extra-long beaters for deep bowls. They also include dough hooks so you are able to knead dough for bread without having to use a cutting board and rolling pin. The included storage case holds not only the mixer, but also contains all of its attachments for convenience. These mixers have a smooth-start feature, ensuring that mixing starts slowly with no splatter or mess.