Immersion Blenders and Electric Hand Held Mixers

Juicing maximizes the vitamins and enzymes obtained from fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits and herbs. It enables the creation of full flavor smoothies, sorbets and baby food without damaging the delicate structure of the nutrients. Williams-Sonoma has a range of top quality professional electric juicers designed for whole ingredient juicing, simple operation and easy rinsing between recipes.
Slow masticating and cold press juicers optimize extraction and quality through a two-stage process where food is first crushed before pressing. The slow process prevents juice aeration as well as enabling a wide variety of produce to be processed and combined. Heavy-duty wheatgrass juicers are an attractive, robust addition to a kitchen work area. They clamp onto a bench top and enable effortless manual extraction from wheatgrass, soft fruits and vegetables. Whole food blenders with durable, large volume containers produce extremely fast and efficient results. High-powered motors and wide blade radius enable even blending and the creamy results can be friction cooked from cold ingredients. Frozen delights including ice cream and drinks can be delivered in seconds along with special butters, salsas and dressings.
High-speed and centrifugal juicers feature powerful motors and advanced cooling technology that enables rapid extraction without causing heat damage to nutrients. Variable speed control provides optimum setting for leafy vegetables and soft fruit through to harder, denser produce. Micro-mesh filtration ensures minimal heat transfer and high quality extraction. Wide feeding tubes enable whole fruits to be fed directly into the juicer. Easy detachment of nozzles and simple assembly facilitates the cleaning process. Citrus squeezers and presses enable the rapid creation of healthy drinks without the need for peeling the rind. Also available are a wide range of accessories including eco-friendly composting bags, cleaning brushes, pipe brushes, spare caps, containers and strainers.