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With all the various mixers and attachments available today, it seems that food can be whipped, pressed or folded into just about any shape or consistency. The simplest of these is the humble hand mixer. It doesn’t have to be a large piece of equipment to be a great go-to tool in the kitchen. The hand mixer is great for whipping up something quick, like a pre-made pasta sauce and some Parmesan cheese, and you have a delicious meal. An alternative to delectable pasta is nutrient-filled spiral cut vegetables, which are made using one of the spiralizer attachments. You can even make your own fresh tomato sauce with the strainer attachment, so there are no messy tomato skins to peel. Chop some fresh vegetables in the food processor attachment to add to your sauce. Whether you prefer meatballs or sausage with your pasta, there is an attachment for that too. The food grinder attachment will grind your meat and whatever else you include for the freshest meatballs you can get. Make your own sausage using your favorite meats and seasonings and the sausage stuffer attachment. Save room for gelato after your Italian feast; you can make this dessert with your stand mixer’s ice cream maker attachment. Create fresh, delicious ice cream using whatever ingredients you like best.

If you find yourself mixing batter with a big wooden spoon until your arms ache, you are missing out on so many opportunities. A hand mixer reduces the manual labor involved in everyday baking tasks, and a stand mixer turns every object in your refrigerator or pantry into a potential meal or dessert that you can make fresh yourself.