Panini Presses & Grills

Indoor Grills & Panini Presses

Grilling is a classic cooking method favored by many people. Holidays, tailgating and other traditions have grilling at their core. But in inclement weather, cooks must be creative about how to get their perfectly charred delicacies. Enter the indoor grill. There are several choices to suit the needs of any grill master. For the specialist, infrared or electric-powered indoor grills focus solely on grilling the perfect slow cooker.

Getting creative about cooking surfaces presents so many more options than the stove burners, which are limited in size and number. An electric griddle can be a good solution. The cooking surface is large enough for an entire meal. Particularly favored by breakfast fans, you can cook meat, eggs, and pancakes all on the same surface. Cleanup is easy, and you can get on with your day. A griddle with a large surface means breakfast for everyone, ready at the same time. Extra points if the griddle is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Combination griddle/grills are true champions of convenience. With these devices, you can cook the entire meal without ever turning on the oven or dirtying a pot. Some have a drip tray for easy cleanup, and a safety auto shut off for when your meal is so satisfying that you can’t think about anything else. For breakfast, a griddle with two separately controlled heating elements is great for making pancakes and eggs, bacon or anything else your family could want. It’s easy to clean the nonstick surface of a griddle. Breakfast is done without a lot of dirty dishes to start your day.

Think beyond the stove and oven to some of the portable cooking surfaces that can simulate the effects of your outdoor grill, or give you the convenience of a single cook top for an especially large or diverse meal. Small appliances also make great gifts for weddings or housewarming parties. Give the gift of convenience and authenticity for someone you love, or buy one for yourself. When you can have a hot breakfast from the griddle, a panini for lunch and delicious grilled meat and vegetables for dinner, indoor grills and panini presses just might become your go-to cooking surfaces.