Full-Size Food Processors

When you’re prepping food in the kitchen, it’s always helpful to have the right tools. When it comes to baking, chopping and cutting, sometimes using a blender just isn’t enough, and you can find some recipes tough to handle, even when you put the blender on its highest setting. A full-size processor, however, can help you make everything from baby food to bread dough to ground nuts and ensure that it’s right the first time. Having professional-grade tools and electrics in your kitchen can make a big difference, letting you enjoy your cooking time and making it more seamless.

Choose from several different types of food processors to suit your needs. A large, 12-cup food processor helps you prepare a variety of foods at the touch of a button. Choose settings such as Chop, Slice, Shred and Knead to make dough, chop tomatoes and liquefy foods. This model includes a dicing disc along with a cleaning tool and storage case, and its stainless-steel housing is durable and strong.

To save room on your countertop, smaller-capacity food processors have excellent features as well. A smaller, 12-cup processor still features 1,000 watts of power for perfect execution every time. Use the stainless-steel blades, dough blades, shredding disc or slicing disc to prepare a variety of foods right on your countertop. A touchpad with an easy-to-read and use LED screen lets you select On, Off or Pulse, and a tight seal prevents spilling and splatters as you use the machine.

Those whose needs require only a small processor still can get all of the chopping power of a larger-capacity one in an eight-cup style. This small but efficient food processor features stainless-steel blades that mix, chop and knead with ease, so you can prepare everything from sauce to dough. Three processing speeds let you choose the quickness of your mixing, with High, Low and Pulse. The included feed tube allows for ease of use while feeding food into the machine, preventing splatters and spills.

Those who would like to prepare their own meat on their countertop can opt from a selection of meat grinders and slicers available from Williams-Sonoma. Slice meat with ease, just like at the deli counter, or use an electric meat grinder that allows you to grind up to 3.5 pounds of meat per minute. Compact and easy-to-use, the grinder has a three-way switch so you can transition between grinding and stuffing. Make the perfect meatballs, meatloaf and other foods with this professional-grade grinder.