Milk Frothers

With one of Williams-Sonoma‘s electric milk frothers, you won‘t need to go to your local coffee shop to enjoy a luxurious latte to accompany your morning croissant. These milk frothers enable you to quickly create steamed milk foam to use for coffee drinks, hot cocoa and more. Whether you know how to pour latte art like a seasoned barista or you simply want to make your morning cafe au lait a little more civilized, these milk frothers will make the job a little bit quicker and easier. From small, handheld frothers to larger machines that can handle several cups at once and multitask to create perfect hot chocolate at the push of a button, this product category helps bring all the luxury and pleasure of a coffee shop into your kitchen.

When paired with an espresso machine, moka pot or French press, these electric milk frothers open up a wide world of possibilities. Foamed milk may seem like a high-maintenance item when it‘s served up by a trained barista, but these machines make it simple for you to have exactly the drinks you want at home. Whether you live a block or several miles away from a good coffee shop, having the ability to make your own frothed milk drinks at home is a simple luxury that can make weekends, holidays and even weekday pre-work routines more enjoyable.