Manual Espresso Makers

Become your own barista with one of Williams-Sonoma‘s manual espresso machines. These machines are essentially just miniaturized versions of the massive espresso makers you see in fine coffee shops all over the world, meaning they fit perfectly in your kitchen while giving you control over every aspect of your drink. From grinding the beans to pulling the shot and frothing the milk, you‘ll have the ability to make your coffee just how you like it without waiting in a long coffee shop line or explaining your needs to a busy employee. Even if you just like a simple cup of espresso with some sparkling water before you head out the door, our manual espresso machines make it possible for you to consume coffee precisely the way you want it.

These espresso machines differ from other options on our site in that they allow you to take charge of each step in the brewing process, from tamping the ground beans into the portafilter to brewing the coffee and serving according to your precise desires. These machines enable you to get hands-on with your coffee, eschewing convenience factors such as coffee pods and computer-controlled presets in favor of a traditional experience that lets you connect to your beverage. From beans to cup, you‘ll take a slower approach for a more luxurious, personalized finish.

Some of the manual espresso machines in this section include additional features such as built-in bean grinders and automatic tampers, while others are simple and classic, allowing you to exert full control. We also offer traditional the traditional moka pot espresso maker for those who enjoy a freshly brewed espresso but do not want to use a complex machine to make their drinks. Moka pots allow you to brew a plain shot to which you can add steamed milk or cream the way you would with a French press.

Our manual espresso machines are a great choice for those quiet, calm weekend mornings when you want to take a little extra time to start your day. Wow your houseguests and family with your skills on special occasions or after dinner parties when you‘re ready to wind down and bring the night to a close. Whether you prefer your morning espresso drink with a fresh pastry or a heartier meal, these machines can help you create a gently indulgent start to your day. Create your own latte, cappuccino, Americano, flat white and more with our manual espresso machines.