Electric Woks

The secret to good wok cooking is high heat. Searing heat creates tender meats and crunchy vegetables bathed in your favorite sauce. With electric hot woks, you can achieve the temperatures needed for delicious Asian meals that cannot always be reached on stove-top surfaces. Choose from William-Sonoma’s selection of electric woks, including those offered by Breville, the trusted maker of quality kitchen appliances since 1932.

Electric woks often have a nonstick cooking surface – for seamless cooking and easy cleanup – encased in heavy-duty materials like stainless-steel for quick heating and retention of high temperatures meal after meal. The included lid is most often vented, to give you control of the amount of moisture you want in your cooking. Electric woks sit on a base that provides the heating element, reaching up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal wok cooking.

Create vegetable and meat stir fries, tasty fried rice, sautéed mushrooms and tofu, spicy wok-seared shrimp and so much more. If you love the fresh and aromatic tastes of Asian foods, an electric wok for your kitchen counter will give you endless satisfying and healthy meals. Wok cooking is healthy due to the need for little oil as well as the quickness at which meats and vegetables are cooked, sealing in the freshness and nutrients.

Electric woks also add versatility to your culinary options since they can be used to steam vegetables, make soups and create stews. But for a traditional stir fry, you’ll want to follow some basic steps, one of the most important of which is to prepare your ingredients ahead of time. Since wok cooking is done at such high temperatures, having your meats, veggies, sauces, spices and other additions ready and close at hand will create the delicious result you are looking for.

Add a small amount of oil to your preheated electric wok, then add thinly sliced meats and stir with a wooden spatula, wok paddle or specialty cook’s tool. You’ll know your meat is ready when a piece can be easily cut in half with your cooking utensil. Remove the meat and add a little more oil then minced garlic, ginger or other aromatic. When it is a golden brown, add veggies like broccoli and red bell peppers that you have cut in medium slices. Add tastes like lemongrass, scallions or chilies if you wish as well as a soy sauce, oyster sauce or another liquid or paste of your choice. Return the meat to the wok, add some sliced mushrooms, stir and you are ready to enjoy your delicious home-cooked restaurant-worthy stir fry on a bed of rice.