Waring Kitchen Electrics

Whether you are hosting a holiday feast or you just want to get a little fancy with a dinner party, Waring kitchen electrics are essential for your meal. Take the worry out of cooking a plump, juicy turkey at Thanksgiving with Waring kitchen electrics at your disposal, and make sure your guests keep their glasses full with a convenient electric wine opener. After you take care of all the work with Waring appliances, you have time to get out your finest dinnerware take photos and make memories with those who are closest to you.

Catch on to the craze that is sweeping the nation by deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving or Christmas. The Waring Digital Rotisserie Turkey Fryer takes all of the danger out of setting up your own fryer in the driveway by giving you complete control over the cooking of your bird. Not only does this appliance cook an 18-pound bird in about an hour, but you can also drop your favorite side dishes, such as potatoes and onions, into it for that one-of-a-kind deep-fried taste when you take off the rotisserie. Simply load the fryer with the appropriate oil and fry the bird.

The special stainless-steel lid of the Waring Digital Rotisserie Turkey Fryer keeps foods from getting soggy, giving you a crisp bite when it comes time to eat. You can easily adjust the temperature of the oil from 175 degrees to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and a special indicator light tells you exactly when to drop the bird in.

For an even more innovative approach to cooking, Waring kitchen electrics offers the Waring Rotisserie Turkey Fryer and Steamer. This appliance gives you all of the safe and convenient frying options of the other model, but it also converts into a steamer for healthier cooking. In order to steam your favorite vegetables, seafood or dumplings, you simply fill the 2.5-gallon tank with water instead of oil. The stainless-steel design of this appliance helps it resist corrosion after years of use in your kitchen, perfect for occasional oil or water spills.

While cooking the bird for Thanksgiving or Christmas is one thing, carving it is another task of its own. Many people fumble around with their traditional knife sets but don't have the proper culinary skills to make the perfect slices to serve to their guests. Fortunately, Waring has the perfect carving solution with the Waring Cordless Electric Carving Knife. With this appliance, even the most amateur of turkey carvers can create succulent, juicy pieces of white and dark meat, perfect for placing on top of your finest holiday plates.

The Waring Cordless Electric Carving Knife features an ergonomic design, perfect for handling large birds and feeding gigantic families. The easy-to-use trigger on the handle sets the blade in motion, while the serrated blade gets through any type of meat. The rechargeable battery gives you plenty of life in case you have multiple pieces of meat to carve. You can lock the power switch on the knife for safety around children, and the carrying case allows you to transport it with ease if you have multiple celebrations to attend on the same day.

No holiday celebration is complete without wine, but some people have a hard time opening a bottle with traditional wine tools. The Waring Commercial Electric Wine Opener takes all of the worry out of the task. To use the device, simply place the bottle into the device, press one button to remove the cork, and then another to remove the cork from the opener. In a couple of seconds you are ready to pour wine. The device handles about 120 bottles of wine on a single charge, perfect for a family of sommeliers.