Technivorm Electrics



Technivorm brewing systems are tailored to deliver incomparable flavor coffees, one perfect cup at a time. Williams-Sonoma carries the high-quality Technivorm range of coffee brewers, brewing systems and accessories, enabling the complete hot drink creation process on any countertop. The Technivorm Moccamaster is a compact coffee maker handmade in the Netherlands. It is a high-tech brewer that is easy to operate, with precise temperature control and timing to ensure consistent, professional results. The coffee bed is optimized for maintaining the exact water/coffee grounds contact time with a special copper heating element, keeping water temperature at the correct level throughout the process. A 10-cup version enables large brew batches to be run into the high-quality glass carafe.

The Grand Coffee Maker has a thermal carafe that enables large batches to be set aside while remaining piping hot. A cylindrical body version adds an additional touch of style to the countertop. The Moccamaster Manual Drip Stop Coffee Maker features an innovative nine-hole water dispersal arm to ensure even flavor extraction and its special copper-lined spray arm helps maintain constant water temperature right up to the wetting stage. Technivorm coffee grinders have an upside-down configuration to facilitate the coffee grind. The design keeps the grind safe from heat generated by the blades, ensuring the coffee maintains a delicious flavor. We also offer replacement glass and thermal carafes and a variety of coffee filter packs to meet your brewing needs.