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Tea Kettles

Nothing relaxes you quite like a hot cuppa after a long day. Whether you prefer coffee, tea or cocoa, electric tea kettles are a must-have kitchen essential. Electric kettles are an efficient option to heat water for instant soups, too. Just heat the water in the kettle, and pour it over rice noodles, instant oats or instant soup for a hot meal within minutes.

For a more traditional option, choose a versatile stove-top kettle. Stove-top kettles are available in a variety of styles, including durable and scratch resistant stainless-steel. Kettles with enameled interiors are easy to clean, while cast-iron kettles retain heat for an extended period of time after heating. Cast-iron stove-top kettles are also a durable kitchen accessory that can withstand many years of regular use. Perfect for winter, both stove-top and electric kettles keep you cozy on the coldest days.

To prepare for summer, switch to an iced tea maker. Iced tea kettles are a versatile option to easily create cold beverages. Add mint leaves, sweetener and ice to black tea for a refreshing treat, or add fruits or herbs to freshly brewed herbal tea for a bright, fresh flavor. Store the pitcher in the refrigerator to keep your iced beverages chilled before serving, or use the pitcher to easily serve your freshly brewed tea in the dining room.

While iced tea provides a refreshing drink for weekends, a coffee maker is an essential for workday mornings. Choose a coffee maker with a carafe to easily serve guests at the dining room table, or opt for a precision coffee maker to enjoy the tastiest brew. Precision coffee makers also make coffee in a short amount of time to keep you on schedule on busy weekday mornings. For the robust flavor of traditional pour-over coffee, choose a pour-over coffee maker. Pour-over coffee makers mimic the action of a professional barista to brew bold, flavorful coffee so you never have to leave home for a coffee that tastes like it was prepared by a barista.

The classic French press is another option that offers highly flavorful, delicious coffee. To use a French press, just add the desired amount of freshly ground coffee before pouring hot water over the grounds. Use the press to separate the grounds for rich coffee that is brewed according to your personal tastes. Williams-Sonoma offers a range of French press coffee makers to choose from, including single serve options. A single serve French press is the perfect option when you want a fresh, piping hot cup of coffee at a moment’s notice.

Sometimes, you need richer, bolder flavor. An espresso maker offers you an intense coffee flavor that can’t be beaten when you need a morning, or afternoon, flavor boost. For coffee drinkers, an espresso maker is a kitchen accessory that takes morning coffee to new heights. Full-bodied and rich, espresso is the drink of choice when you want a milk-based coffee drink like cafe au lait. A simple cup of espresso is a great choice, or you can also add milk or flavored syrups to create a tasty morning treat. To easily make your own cafe au lait at home, choose an espresso maker that steams and froths milk. Cappuccinos and lattes are also favorites that are easy to make when you have an espresso maker with the ability to steam milk.

A milk frother is also an option if your espresso maker doesn’t include the frothing function. Hand-held milk frothers allow you to control the amount of froth on your drink, while automatic frothers are easy to use. For a versatile option, choose an automatic frother than also makes hot cocoa. From herbal iced tea to espresso with hand-frothed milk, you can create a range of beverages for the whole family to enjoy.