Espresso Makers


Miele Kitchen Appliances


Make a selection from the Miele brand of quality appliances and accessories, whether you need a rotary iron, espresso system or vacuum cleaner. The Miele Rotary Iron enables shirts and extra wide linens to be easily ironed to a crisp, professional finish. It features a foot-paddle control and a swing-out bar to hang items, too. The Miele CM6 Fully Automatic Espresso Maker is a restaurant-quality machine that incorporates a number of innovative design features such as drink-setting memory, up to four user preference profiles, a height-adjustable central spout, simultaneous dual coffee preparation and built in five-setting conical coffee grinder. The OneTouch for Two feature enables two coffees to be brewed at the touch of a button. The machine uses the Intuitive DirectSensor user interface compliant with the Miele GEN6000 built-in appliances. Miele also provides espresso cleaning tablets specially formulated for use with the machine and descaling tablets that clean hard water deposits left in the unit.

Miele has a wide range of vacuum cleaners tailored to suit every need. The C3 Alize is ideal for hard flooring, and the 360-degree wheels feature in-built shock absorbers. The C2 is also optimized for hard flooring and low-pile carpets, with a lightweight compact form factor. Dog and cat hair can be a nightmare to remove, but the Miele Dynamic U1 and the Complete C3 Dog and Cat Vacuum shifts the stubbornest guard hairs from any carpet. Williams-Sonoma also carries replacement vacuum filters and HEPA filters to keep your home its freshest.