Glassware & Tools

Squeeze your way to juice-bar quality, fresh juice from the comfort of your own kitchen using juicing tools from Williams-Sonoma. Whether you prefer greens-centered juices or fresh citrus, our selection of tools can help get you started on the road to delicious homemade fruit drinks, and our glassware offers a lovely way to serve your masterful creation. When you’re shopping for glassware and tools, consider the frequency and volume of your juicing habits to choose the options that are right for you.

Citrus reamers are ideal for the occasional juicer who loves the flavor of fresh orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime juices without the hassle of squeezing halves or wedges by hand. These low-tech juicers fit neatly in your hand, and they feature a pointed end with ridges designed to extract as much delicious juice as possible. To use these juicers, simply insert the pointed end in a halved piece of citrus and lightly squeeze the fruit while working the reamer around the flesh. Pour the juice through a strainer and you’re ready to mix up masterful juice blends, cocktails and lemonade.

Citrus juicers and handheld citrus presses offer fast, easy juice extraction from small citruses such as lime or lemon halves and small oranges. The simple gear mechanism offers maximum juicing efficiency with minimal work on your part, while the integrated strainer makes it easy to squeeze and go without the need for a separate device. To use these nifty juicing tools, place a freshly cut small citrus half cut side down in the juicer’s cup-shaped area and squeeze the handles together over a glass or bowl.

Larger juice presses make easy work of any citrus fruit. The design of these juicers presses on the flesh of the fruit, which leaves you with the freshest juice without the bitterness that the oils in citrus rind can impart. Simple operation makes these juicers a favorite in commercial kitchens, but the compact size makes them practical for home use too.

When it comes to serving your fresh juices, having the right glass makes all the difference in terms of presentation. From smooth glass to tumblers with faceted sides, many juice glasses offer durability and versatility. Use them strictly for your juices and smoothies, or add them to your selection of everyday drinking glasses. For large-batch juicers, working glasses that come with secure lids offer an alternative to storing your juice in pitchers. Lidded glasses also provide the convenience of conveniently grabbing a glass of fresh juice, packing it in your lunch bag and taking it with you wherever you go.