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Mixing, chopping, grating, blending, pureeing and brewing: the Cuisinart brand of home appliances featured at Williams-Sonoma provides ease in preparing and making favorite foods and beverages any time of the day. With razor sharp blades equipped on its line of food processors, the tedious chore of chopping, grinding, mincing, pulverizing and pureeing is effortless. The Mini-Prep with a 4-cup capacity may be small, but it is packed full of power and features easy-to-clean electronic touch pad controls. Its BladeLock feature locks the blade securely into place while pouring ingredients from the bowl. With a rugged die-cast metal housing, the Mini-Prep will be a kitchen favorite for chopping, grinding, mincing, pureeing and pulverizing foods and beverages for years to come. Our selection in food processors is virtually never ending, offering chefs and amateur cooks alike a quality selection in Cuisinart food processors.

The popular kitchen electrics brand doesn’t end the line with food processors. Cuisinart’s line of handheld mixers provides maximum mixing results with little effort. The Cuisinart 7-Speed Hand Mixer is versatile choice in a handheld mixer and features a digital timer that keeps precise track of your mixing time, ideal for recipes when blending to perfection is necessary. Blend everything from egg whites to cake batter to cookie dough and much more and have no complaints when goodies are effortlessly mixed.

Enjoy your favorite flavors in yogurt and have the pleasure of healthy fresh yogurt and cost savings when it is made right from the kitchen. Our line of yogurt machines are just as delicious as the scrumptious treat. Cuisinart’s Electric Maker with Automatic Cooling transforms your kitchen into a parlor with everyone asking for creamy fresh yogurt to his or her liking. Soymilk or dairy milk, the state of the art machine works efficiently to create delicious yogurt filled with your favorite fruits and fermented to perfection.

Enjoy juicy steaks grilled fresh in the kitchen, crispy vegetables or teriyaki stir-fry on your indoor grill. For a fantastic choice in an indoor grill, the Cuisinart Elite Griddler is tops. The grill is versatile and includes interchangeable nonstick cooking plates to offer the convenience of grilling, griddling and pressing, The dual-zone temperature control selector knob allows users to heat the top plate, bottom plate or both, from warm to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether it's in the heart of the summer or deep into winter, the Griddler is sure to be a favorite kitchen electric with everyone asking for their favorite dish made fresh from the grill.

Few things are better as after-dinner delicacies than homemade ice cream and similar frozen treats. Cuisinart’s line of ice cream makers offer the ease to whip up a fresh bowl of ice cream every day of the year. The Cuisinart Electric Ice Cream Maker, Ice 70 is a fantastic choice in an ice cream maker for homemade velvety ice cream and gelato or refreshing fruit sorbet and frozen yogurt in any flavor are just minutes away. The machine produces up to two quarts of ice cream or frozen dessert in 20 minutes. The digital control panel features one-touch settings and a countdown timer to add perfection to the making of the perfect dish of ice cream. The large lid with spout and the attached measuring cup allow for the easy addition of mix-ins like nuts and chocolate chips. Top off the cold dessert with the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee makers and espresso machines are the ideal way to enjoy hot brewed coffee and authentic Italian espresso. With so many selections in the Cuisinart line of kitchen electrics, your hardest decision will be which electric to choose. With a complete line of food processors, ice cream makers, waffle makers, cookie makers, grills, coffee makers and grinders, the Cuisinart brand is a premium choice in home appliances.

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