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Breakfast Electrics

Kickstart your day with a hearty meal by choosing from one of Williams-Sonoma’s vast selection of breakfast appliances. Enjoy an early morning delectable by creating mouthwatering crepes and fresh bread, or treat yourself to a fresh bowl of homemade yogurt. If light and warm scrambled eggs or soft-boiled eggs are on the menu for the morning, try one of our easy-to-use electric egg cookers that allow you to cook your eggs exactly the way you want them. By cooking up to seven eggs at once, you can treat your whole family to a wholesome breakfast in just a manner of minutes.

If some moist-on-the-inside and crisp-on-the-outside Belgian waffles with extra toppings are what starts your day right, then treat yourself by using one of our waffle makers and one of our breakfast mixes specifically designed to create golden-brown Belgian waffles. Replenish that early morning thirst with some freshly squeezed orange juice or enjoy a fresh-brewed cup of coffee or espresso using our state-of-the-art coffee or espresso makers.

If some fresh, creamy, silky smooth yogurt is the breakfast delicacy you and your family enjoy, then our automatic yogurt makers and recipe starter kits with fresh ingredients are sure to bring that early morning delight to help start your day. The starter kits contain 10 sealed packets, allowing you to make 42-ounce individual batches, and each packet is freeze-dried, so it stays fresh without the need for refrigeration. The automatic yogurt maker’s versatility allows you to enjoy a wide range of flavors that includes coconut milk yogurt if that is your pleasure or vegan yogurts for those who enjoy yogurt’s silky-smooth texture without the added fat and calories. If you are picky about the way your breakfast electrics look in your kitchen, the nifty designs complement practically any kitchen’s decor.

The smell of fresh-baked bread first thing in the morning is one of the hallmarks of a homemade breakfast. As the bread slowly starts to rise and the yeast starts to form, it gives off an invigorating smell that you can only get from a fresh loaf of bread. Our breakfast electrics bring your kitchen that fresh smell you can only get by making your own bread. Allow us to give you easy-to-follow recipes when you decide to try one of our convenient and hassle-free bread makers. That warm, comforting feeling from freshly made bread is right at your front door and a few steps away from your kitchen.

You and your family can start your day with a natural boost of energy by squeezing the freshness out of fruits and vegetables using our classic juicers. Our juicers allow you to enjoy up to 90 percent of the natural vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables by using MicroMasticating technology, which ensures you and your family receive the daily recommended allowance of their nutrients. Add all your favorite fruits and vegetables, including apples, bananas, nuts, mangos or even deep greens and wheatgrass.

Take advantage of our breakfast electrics and give yourself that motivation you need in the morning that only a hearty breakfast can deliver. Enjoy an easy-to-prepare three-egg omelet with mushrooms and green bell peppers that you cannot find at your local breakfast diner. Slow cook your way to a classic brunch using one of our countertop machines that easily allows you to steam vegetables, boil pasta, cook rice or create some mouthwatering baked goods that you and your family can only experience from homemade goodness. Our breakfast electrics give you the quality and durability you need to enjoy those heartwarming moments you can only get from a classic breakfast or brunch.

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