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Having handy devices to help you along in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and baking can be such a huge help. While a lot of food can be prepared in the oven, on the stove top or in the microwave, there are a lot of other cooking appliances that make life in your home kitchen that much more simple. Choose from a myriad of different All-Clad cooking electrics to help you make everything from homemade waffles to savory soups.

For those looking for reasonable professional-grade products to spruce up their kitchen a notch, All-Clad makes a wealth of great countertop electrics and neat tools to help you along. To make scrumptious waffles right on your countertop, opt for a Belgian waffle maker. This machine offers a steam-release system so that your waffles are never soggy, along with overflow channels that remove excess batter, ensuring that your waffles come out perfect every time. Available in both two-square and four-square sizes to suit your tastes, this handy machine can revolutionize your breakfast. A round waffle maker is also available from All-Clad to help you make traditional waffles, also right on your countertop.

An electric indoor grill with a medium-sized cooking surface allows you to grill your favorite foods, no matter how cold or wet it is outside. An indoor electric grill allows you to make everything from steaks to hot dogs without even having to step outside. A stainless-steel splatter guard protects against messes indoors, and dial controls allow you to select the temperature of the grill. Aluminum heat elements offer uniform heating and perfect grilling every time.

For exceptional tools and countertop accessories to help make cooking easier, consider items such as a hand blender, set of measuring spoons or a set of odd-sized measuring cups and spoons, for when your recipes call for something a little different. Also available to help you through your home cooking is a stainless-steel kitchen tools set, including such items as a large fork for serving, a ladle, large spoon, slotted spoon, tongs and a stainless-steel storage caddy. These items are also sold individually from Williams-Sonoma, should you need to upgrade or replace one piece, such as a soup ladle. Also look for kitchen staples that are invaluable in the kitchen, such as a stainless-steel colander or a strainer set to help strain thicker foods. A kitchen scale can also help you measure and divide food portions for storage or serving.