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Baby Food Prep

As a new parent, you want the very best for your baby. When you buy baby food in the store, you never know exactly what went into it. But when you make your own, you can choose just the nutrients your baby needs to grow up healthy and strong. Williams-Sonoma offers a selection of baby-food preparation gadgets and storage containers that you can use to make your infant’s early years as nutritious and delicious as possible.

Trusted brands like Beaba have come up with products such as baby-food makers that allow you to choose which whole foods your baby consumes and turn them to just the right consistency for proper eating and digestion at any infant or toddler stage of life. The baby-food makers are big enough so that you can make large batches at once. They have the capability to steam and blend foods while preserving important vitamins and minerals, and they work best with fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. You can also use the baby food makers to warm or defrost food that you made ahead of time and stored in your freezer.

These baby food prep gadgets are BPA-free, and many of them shut off automatically, making them even safer for your family. They may also come with accessories such as booklets with recipes and ingredient ideas and a spatula. You can also choose from double-sided baby-food makers that allow you to whip up twice as much food for your little one at once. Smaller versions are also available. These are excellent choices if you do not have much storage space or want to take one on the go when you travel.

If you do choose to make large batches or you just have leftovers, baby food storage trays allow you to freeze the food for as long as it will keep. The trays have small, baby portion-sized cups in them, and you can scoop some food into each one. Just place the airtight lid on top, and place the whole tray into the freezer. When you need one serving, the food just pops out and can be placed in a baby-food maker to be defrosted or warmed. The baby food prep storage trays are also BPA-free and safe to use in the dishwasher. Feeding your baby nutritious food does not have to be difficult. With baby food prep products like these, you can ensure she gets a healthy start in life.

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