French Press & Pour-Over Coffee Makers

Presenting a delightful and classic way to make your coffee exactly how you’d like it made, French press and pour-over coffee makers from Williams-Sonoma help you take coffee brewing to the next level as it becomes an integral part of your morning routine. Choose from several different styles and types to find the one that completely fits your coffee-brewing needs.

A standard French press coffee maker is a wonderful way to start the morning. Even a smaller model is a delight, with a patented two-filter system that makes sure no grit or grounds make their way into your coffee. For a pour-over system, simply add paper filters and enjoy coffee a different way. Available in copper or stainless-steel, both versions use thick borosilicate glass so that your coffee stays warmer longer. Opt for a different type of French press coffee maker by choosing one with a nearly complete stainless-steel construction. Allowing you to brew up to 34 ounces of coffee, you are able to enjoy your brew all morning long with a versatile French press. An insulated, double-walled carafe keeps the coffee warm for hours, while the stainless-steel construction renders this piece easy to clean and maintain. Even the filter is steel to provide durable, tough construction that is meant to last for years of enjoyment.

Pour-over coffee makers are another excellent way to enjoy a cup of Joe. They could not be simpler to use; just let coffee steep for several minutes in a pour-over coffee maker, and twist to allow your coffee to pass through an intricate filtration system. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, a simple pour-over coffee maker has a mixture of a stainless-steel construction with a glass carafe to make brewing your coffee seamless and sensational. A smaller pour-over coffee maker brews up to four cups of coffee at one time. For a unique twist during the summer months, opt for a pour-over iced coffee maker. This specialty device is a faster way to create cold-brew coffee, and it gives you an excellent taste of iced coffee when you need it most. The plastic diffuser lets coffee pour over your ice slowly, so quick melting doesn’t occur. Easy to clean and use, this glass piece has a brewing cone that funnels coffee directly into the carafe. Coffee maker accessories are also available so you can add a kettle to your pour-over routine or to replace a filter if need be.