Milk Frothers

Milk Steamers: Electric Milk Frothers, Milk Foamers

If your favorite part of a fresh cup of barista-made latte is the rich, foamy milk, consider transforming your morning routine with an electric milk steamer. Williams-Sonoma can help you turn your home kitchen into a coffee bar with one of these excellent little machines. Perfect for making milk to accompany a cappuccino, latte, cafe au lait or hot chocolate, milk steamers help you up your coffee game and avoid the routine hassle of morning coffee shop traffic.
We offer a variety of different milk steamer models to suit a variety of needs, from simple handheld models to high-tech gadgets that do all the work for you. Pair one of these frothers with an espresso machine for a home coffee bar setup that will have you making classic espresso drinks like a pro. We even offer frothing pitchers just like the ones used in coffee shops, allowing you to learn how to pour latte art like a seasoned barista. You’ll find plenty of additional uses for your milk steamer, which can help you transform a simple glass of milk into a warm and delicious treat dashed with some cinnamon or cocoa powder. Complete your home coffee bar setup with a collection of coffee cups and saucers so you can serve up your steamed milk creations with a side of your favorite homemade cookies or biscotti.