Drip Coffee Makers

In the age of single-serve coffee makers, having a drip coffee maker is still a necessity. Even if your family is small, when you entertain guests, you’ll want a simple, efficient way to brew some after-dinner coffee, and making one cup at a time can keep everyone from enjoying their drinks together. Fortunately, many high-tech drip coffee makers have become extremely simple and streamlined to use, allowing you to even program a brew the night before and wake up to a fresh pot of coffee with no headaches or hassles. Choose from different brands and types of drip coffee makers from Williams-Sonoma to find one that truly suits your needs.

For those who need something simple, opt for a programmable drip coffee maker with a 12-cup carafe and capacity. The included aroma tube control offers flavor protection for your favorite blend, and the keep warm function lets you keep your coffee warm and fresh for up to four hours. The programmable settings help you to program your brew well ahead of time, and you’re even able to brew coffee when you’re not home or brew a perfect pot of coffee right in time for making breakfast. Those who require a smaller capacity can look for a smaller coffee pot with an eight-cup capacity that carries many of the same features.

You are also able to take your coffee brewing to the next level with a coffee maker with an included hot water system. This type of coffee maker has a generous 12-cup capacity, but also has an internal well that boils hot water for you, dispensing it within a minute. Use the hot water option to make hot tea, soups and oatmeal instantly to even make meal preparation faster. This coffee maker also features a wealth of other attributes, such as 24 hours of advance programming, an automatic shut-off switch, a brew pause option and temperature control. Those who are always on the go may appreciate a coffee maker with a removable carafe. Simply brew your coffee and take the thermal cup accessory with you to work or on a trip. This type of coffee maker brews coffee in four to six minutes and is ideal for the person on the go. Those who prefer their coffee brewed in the classic style may like a stainless-steel percolator. A percolator with a 12-cup capacity lets you brew a generous amount of coffee with a detachable cord for serving. Easy to use and clean, the percolator also has a keep warm feature, keeping your coffee piping hot and delicious for hours.