Utility Knives

Prepare meals with ease using sharp and durable kitchen utility knives. Williams-Sonoma offers different types of utility knives of unsurpassed quality and workmanship. From a collection of Shun Classic and Shun Ultimate to Wüsthof utility knives, slicing fruits and vegetables unevenly will be a thing of the past. Serrated utility knives have gourmet lines featuring stainless-steel that resists stains as well as corrosion. This increases their performance and durability. The serrations along the blade easily cut through soft skin and crusts without tearing. Featuring a triple-riveted handle, our serrated knives offer a comfortable grip. The PakkaWood offset handle resists moisture and ensures optimal leverage when slicing fruits. The knives also feature a heel bolster that offers added balance and facilitates honing and sharpening of the edge.

Select different types of ceramic utility knives from our season’s sharpest values on all kitchen cutlery to help you meet your savings goals. Surprise your favorite chef with the perfect knife set. Our collection is made by leading manufacturers across the planet. Kitchen cutlery sets like chef’s knives, cleavers, Santoku, slicing, and carving knives will definitely put a smile on the face of any professional chef or home cook. Find different types of serrated utility knives at our monogram shop that excel at everyday tasks, such as slicing meat and cutting sandwiches. They easily slice through fruits, like citrus, and foods with resistant, tough skins.