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Wüsthof Knives

Get a slice of the good life when you shop our selection of Wüsthof knives. These professional chef’s knives come in a variety of sizes and styles to help you cook safely, effortlessly and quickly, whether at home or in a restaurant. Crafted with the same artisanal skill and care today as they were when the brand was first created in 1814, each Wüsthof knife undergoes a robust 40-step process that ensures maximum quality, allowing each blade to maintain sharpness without becoming dull or chipped over time. From filet knives tovegetable knives, Williams-Sonoma has what you need to make working in the kitchen more efficient.

Everyday dining is made easier with the help of Wüsthof’s hollow-edge steak knives. Sold in a set, these tabletop knives feature small indents along the edge of the blade to prevent sticking, making them especially effective for cutting juicy red meats, fish and meals that make use of sticky balsamic reductions. Each knife is precision forged using a proprietary Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) process that produces a sturdy, durable blade. Comfortable polypropylene handles make these a joy to use, whether you’re serving up steak or just enjoying a meal

When only absolute simplicity will do, choose a utility set. Packaged with both a sharp pair of utility scissors and a good, multifunctional knife, Wüsthof’s utility set is the camper or traveler’s dream. The small paring knife peels fruits and vegetables easily while doubling as a dinner knife when the need arises. High-carbon steel blades make Wüsthof’s pull-apart shears durable, resistant to bending or chipping, and just as good at cutting paper as they are pork. Tuck a Wüsthof utility set into your picnic basket, camping supplies or kitchen today and feel confident that you’re always well-prepared.

Special meals and ingredients require special knives. Fortunately, we carry a broad range of Wüsthof specialty knives to help you prepare even the most exotic dishes more easily. Cut up whole chickens in minutes with high-torque poultry shears that take the pressure of cutting through bone off of your hands. Hard and soft cheeses are no match for Wüsthof’s range of cheese knives; curved blades, angled tips and holes along the edge let you pop slices off in seconds when preparing a plate. Preparing vegetable or sushi platters is no problem when you use a Santokuknife; its shape and sharpness slices through hard-to-cut foods like green onion, spinach, tomatoes, fish or even seaweed smoothly, without tearing or otherwise injuring the flesh. Nakiri knives add yet another layer of functionality to your cook’s tools collection. These slender cleaver-style knives feature a rectangular blade with a rocker edge that protects the hands while allowing you to exert the correct amount of downward pressure when chopping. Nakiri knives make an excellent choice for thick fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, apples or pears, because of their large size. The body of the knife is able to make it through most if not all of the fruit without needing to remove the blade and turn the fruit over. Even crusty, soft-inside breads are no match for Wüsthof’s serrated bread knives; they slice through the delicious crusty interior without compressing the soft bread inside, so your bread keeps its form and is ready for the next step in cooking immediately.

Whether you choose to make all of your kitchen knives Wüsthof, or you’re searching for something specific for exotic cooking applications, you will find that quality and attention to detail is what makes the brand truly special. Ultra-sharp edges and precise cutting technology make these safe to use and easy for even beginner chefs to adapt to. Wüsthof knives will serve you well for years to come, either in preparing food within a commercial kitchen or just making yourself a salad at home.

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