Choosing the right type of cutlery for your kitchen is crucial as it defines how you start to prepare meals, slice or trim various foods and how you present your cooked meal. Like any art, the right tool used by the artist can be the determining factor between a masterpiece and an average piece of work. At Williams-Sonoma, we strive to provide you with exceptional cutlery, such as Kyocera knives, that deliver nothing but greatness when it comes to peeling, paring, slicing or chopping various foods. We offer different types of gifts with different types of Kyocera knives and present them to your mother, chef or loved ones to show your appreciation for their great cooking. A six-piece mixed steak knife set features different types of handcrafted steak knives with blades forged from ultra-strong Sandvick steel. The decorative chasing feature on the knives makes them an excellent gift choice. As its Kyocera knife counterpart, our steak knife set handle is made of strong walnut, plum, juniper or boxwood material for a comfortable grip.