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The right tools can make cooking a more enjoyable task. Once you buy a good set of knives, you want to protect them and keep them safe. Williams-Sonoma offers a wide range of knife storage options to choose from or to give as a gift to a cook in your life. The knife blocks can hold anywhere from five blades up to 35, which means that you can find multiple options to fit your personal style easily. The storage options allow for you to fit different-sized blades into the blocks, not just steak knives or chef knives. You can find blocks that including openings for blades like cleavers and boning knives. Keeping your blades in a wood block helps prevent them from being nicked or blunted in a drawer. You can find wood blocks in dark or light wood, as well as metal blocks. Several models of the blocks hold more than just knives. You can find blocks that also hold honing steels and kitchen shears. The storage blocks not only help keep your knives sharp and stored neatly, but they also help keep them close at hand so that you can reach them as needed while you work at your cutting board or stove. The blocks can be set on most surfaces with no problem thanks to the nonslip feet that they often come with.

Along with the traditional knife storage blocks you can find magnetic blocks as well as the magnetic strips that you can mount on the wall to free up your counter space. These magnetic strips come in multiple finishes to help them blend seamlessly into your current kitchen decor. The metal finished bars work well in a kitchen with a modern look or stainless appliances. If you have a more traditional style of kitchen you may want to choose one of our wood strips that hide the magnets under a wood finish, or our black finished wood composite blocks and strips

In some kitchen situations, stand-up blocks or magnetic strips may not be a feasible option. In-drawer knife storage can be a great choice for small kitchens with limited counter space. These storage options slide inside most standard kitchen drawers. There are slot knife organizers available in walnut, cherry and maple, as well as a tray with flexible dividers. Make sure to pick up a knife sharper if your blades have lost their sharpness and to keep them slicing and cutting efficiently for you in the future. Sharp knives also make quicker work of tough vegetables and meats as well as protect you from slips caused by dull knives.

You also have the option of blade guards and knife rolls for your knife storage. Blade guards are made of a durable, hard polymer that will not harm knife blades. The guards are in a number of preset sizes, but select styles can be trimmed to fit the length of the blade with a pair of scissors. The guards do double duty as a way to protect your hands from being cut if you reach into a drawer full of blades. They are a good choice for your ceramic knives or other specialty knives that may not readily fit into your other knife storage.

Knife rolls as a storage choice are great for people with limited space, chef students, professional chefs who carry their own knives to work or for those times you are traveling with your knives to a potluck, campout or vacation home. The knife rolls are made from rugged, weather proof luggage-grade nylon or waxed canvas. The interior of the rolls have slots or pockets for the knives to be placed into to secure them during travel. The rolls can hold an assortment of knife sizes, like bread knives or carving knives. No matter what kind of space situation or use level you have, we have solutions to help keep your blades in their best shape.