Wooden Cutting Boards

Sharpen your knives and get ready to slice and dice like a pro on one of Williams-Sonoma’s sturdy wooden cutting boards. We design our cutting and carving boards for long-term use with smart design elements and sturdy construction from woods such as cherry, maple, walnut and teak. Choosing the right one is simple if you match the style of the block to your needs. For example, if you do light prep work, a standard cutting board is all you need. If you tend to spend a lot of time slicing and dicing, investing in a heavier-duty edge-grain or end-grain cutting block is a good option for long-term, heavy use that withstands your frequent chopping while keeping your cutlery sharp.

Our cutting blocks come in multiple sizes, shapes and finishes ranging from rich walnut to light maple. Our striped cutting boards offers the best of both worlds and our eye-catching teak carving boards are sturdy enough to use outdoors. For messy carving jobs, look for butcher-block cutting boards with a grooved perimeter and feet that keep the board elevated off the counter. Edge grain cutting boards offer added durability to withstand heavy chopping and the sharp blade of your favorite chef’s knife. Because the grains aren’t exposed, the wood won’t absorb as much moisture, which means that you won’t have to oil your board as frequently to keep it crack-free. We offer a variety of edge grain boards, available in finishes such as walnut, cherry and maple. Several of our cutting boards feature a deep well around the perimeter of the board for neater chopping of juicy fruits and meats. A stainless steel handle option adds an attractive look while making it easier to transfer a roast from the roaster to the table.

Our end grain boards are the most durable option, making them ideal for anyone who does a lot of chopping. We carry several options, including birch, cherry and maple, with feet on some for added stability. While glass and plastic boards tend to dull knives over time, the sturdy surface of these cutting blocks keeps knives sharper for longer.

For a thoughtful gift or a personalized showpiece in your own kitchen, our monogrammed boards are hard to beat. The deep groove around the perimeter catches juices while integrated handles make it easy to carry the board wherever you need it. The striking one-initial monogram makes this an impressive statement piece.