New Cutlery

New Arrivals

Companies are always innovating their knife sets and kitchen tools, and Williams-Sonoma stocks all of the new arrivals in cutlery. Whether you need to stock a professional kitchen with brand new sharp knives for a grand opening or if you just want to update your home kitchen, we offer the best in the culinary world. Stock a new kitchen with a complete knife set or find a replacement knife for an old one that has serviced your household for years.

When it comes to completing common tasks in the kitchen, few things can top a quality chefʼs knife. These knives feature long, sharp blades with ergonomic handles that make all of your chopping, dicing, mincing and slicing a breeze. For years of dependable service, find a chefʼs knife that is corrosion-resistant to resist rust and other deterioration. A knife made of a high-carbon steel stays sharp for many years, requiring you to only sharpen it every once in a while.

Another feature to look for when purchasing any new arrivals in cutlery is to find knives with ergonomic handles. A good, comfortable handle lets you prep in the kitchen for hours on end without getting any cramps in your hand. A handle with a grooved texture allows you to hold onto it for longer periods, reducing the risk of dropping.

If you have your own bread maker, then it is important to have a good bread knife on hand. These new arrivals in cutlery have long blades and serrated edges that allow you to saw through loaves of various hardness levels without crushing. After taking the bread knife to the loaf, you have the perfect slices to make sandwiches or to use for a batch of French toast.

Chopping vegetables can be a long process if you do not have the correct blade. A nakiri knife features the same design as a meat cleaver, but the serrated blade and nonstick finish keeps vegetables from sticking to it. Because it is designed like a meat cleaver, you can push your chopped produce into a pan or bowl to continue cooking. For making precision cuts in small fruits, such as kiwis, limes and lemons, a good set of paring knives works well. These knives have small blades that give you ultimate control when carving out succulent fruit or making tiny cuts in vegetables like celery and carrots for soups.

For families that go through a lot of meat, cleavers and boning knives are some essential new arrivals in cutlery. A cleaver lets you chop through large bones and tendons with ease while a boning knife gives you the chance to finesse around tough joints and portions of fat. Another useful kitchen tool for sectioning off meat is a good pair of kitchen shears. These ultra-sharp scissors cut through chicken bones, letting you separate the thighs from the wings from the breasts with a single cut. A pair with one straight and another serrated blade slices through chicken and other fowl with ease.

After stocking up on new arrivals in cutlery, it is important to have a place to store everything. Wooden blocks are the go-to storage solution for professional cooking knives as they keep the blades sharp and let you identify which one is which easily. A magnetic holder that hangs on the wall is also a good storage option for easy retrieval. Make sure to pick up a good cutting board. These devices not only keep your kitchen counter free of cuts, but they also keep knife blades sharp with continued use. Some good cutting board woods include maple and walnut. As a gift, give a monogrammed cutting board to the chef in your life.