Fillet Knives

It takes a little bit of know-how to debone a fresh fish, but a sharp, flexible fillet knife makes quick and easy work of the task, resulting in tender, boneless fillets ready for grilling or baking. The same applies to removing chicken breast from the bone for a nice boneless piece of poultry. Our fillet knives are high quality, made by experienced artisans from Wüsthof, Shun, Zwilling J.A. Henckels and more.

What makes a fillet knife different from others is the flexibility of its long, narrow blade. This allows it to cleanly move along the delicate backbone of fish as well as in and around bones in poultry, resulting in as much meat off the bone as possible. Renowned Japanese knife maker Shun offers the Fuji line of knives, which includes its fillet knife. These tools are razor sharp, crafted of SG2 steel surrounded by Damascus steel on both sides. The Damascus steel is composed of 80 alternating layers of nickel and stainless-steel, rendering it an ultralight yet incredibly durable blade that slides easily through meat. Shun’s Fuji and Gokujo fillet knives are comfortable to hold, with durable moisture-resistant hardwood handles for a secure grip.

Wüsthof’s collections of fillet knives are 6-8" long. Since 1814, this German company has been producing some of the finest kitchen cutlery in the world, due in part to its Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) that creates blades that are 20 percent sharper and have twice the edge retention of typical blades. Wüsthof’s fillet knives are forged from durable high-carbon steel, resistant to stain and corrosion, and have a balanced handle that gives a comfortable, contoured grip. Some of our knives, including the Wüsthof fillets, come with their own leather belt sheath to protect as well as easily transport your knife outside the kitchen, perhaps on a fishing trip. For knives that are not accompanied by sheaths, Williams-Sonoma offers a selection of blade guards. Select a size that covers the entire length of your fillet blade for ultimate blade protection and handler safety.

Our fillet knife collection continues with selections from Germany’s Zwilling J.A. Henckels and America’s KitchenAid. Both are quality choices, each constructed with an ice hardening technique for a harder, sharper blade that is also flexible and resistant to stain and corrosion. With sturdy triple-riveted handles and razor-sharp edges, these blades cleanly slice through fish and poultry, getting them ready for your favorite seasonings for a delicious restaurant-quality meal cooked at home. It’s important to keep a fillet knife sharp, especially for deboning and cutting the skin from fresh fish. Take advantage of any number of our knife sharpening tools, from electric to manual.