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Protect your favorite Santoku and chef knives from the kitchen’s most brutal tasks – those edge-dulling duties including chopping and deboning meats and other proteins – that you must perform from time to time. Whether you want to add a hefty full-tang Wüsthof Classic Cleaver to your cutlery collection so you can smoothly portion tenderloin fillets or thick chops or you need a boning tool like the KitchenAid® boning knife with an ice-hardened German carbon-steel blade to cut up lamb chops, you’ll find the high-quality knives your kitchen needs in the selection at Williams-Sonoma. You’ll also find fillet knives for preparing fish, and Nakiri knives for cutting paper-thin slices of veggies or fruits.

Classic cleavers are a butcher’s companion, and you’ll appreciate having the Shun Kaji NSF-certified, 65-layer cleaver or the Global Classic steel cleaver with its sleek, modern styling and integrated handle when it’s time to work through tendons, bones and joints. Shun, Zwilling and Wüsthof knives are also available in Nakiri versions with their flat blades and snub ends that make easy work of vegetable prep for roasts and fresh salad displays. The Nakiri’s straighter blade makes precision work of mincing herbs and slicing fruit for canning or pies too.

If you deal with cutting proteins several times a week, it’s time for the titanium-coated Michel Bras Cleaver that features wide and slim sections for chopping and slicing. It makes short work of prepping ribs and poultry for the grill and doubles as a sharp and reliable veggie-prepper too. This special knife is the result of collaboration between Michel Bras and KAI, the maker of Shun knives, and features a chestnut handle of pakkawood for a firm, comfortable grip.

If you regularly catch or buy fresh fish you should also add a fillet tool with its signature backward-curved blade to make scaling and fillet work much easier than it is with a standard kitchen knife. We have a wide selection of fillet knives from the above makers as well as fillet knives from Victorinox and Kikuichi to add to your fishing tackle or seafood-prep arsenal. Boning knives are for more delicate work including separating chicken wings from breasts and thighs from legs to make a whole chicken ready for the fryer or roasting pan. Choose from makers like Shun, Wüsthof and Zwilling in our boning knives collection.

Some knives, like the Michel Bras Cleaver, come with their own storage. Cleavers always have a hole for hanging on a knife rack or wall, or you can purchase a wooden butcher block that fits a variety of knives including your cleaver. Or choose a knife roll if you’ll be transporting the knives from home to work. A quality chopping block is the other half of the cleaver or boning knife equation. If you need a board with a channel for draining away juices or you prefer a stout square chopping block you’ll find just the cutting board for you in our collection.

When the meat or poultry is done you’ll want a more delicate, longer carving knife to slice juicy, plate-enhancing sections of that entree you worked so hard to create. We have sets for all types of uses from casual backyard meals to more formal holiday parties. Many of our knives and carving sets can also be monogrammed to give as beautiful gifts. We have carving sets from the above famous makers to match your cleavers and boning knives if you prefer a certain brand. We also have KAI color-coordinated knives for collectors of these beautiful contemporary kitchen tools. Our Nakiri knife is a vivid green to help avoid cross contamination when prepping foods. The KAI Nakiri knife comes complete with its own sheath for blade and people protection. Shop our Cleaver and Boning Knife collection to find the meat and protein tools you need to have an efficient and safe kitchen.