Cheese Knives

Take your parties to the next level with the distinctive touch of cheese. At Williams-Sonoma, we have everything you need to turn an ordinary cheese tasting into an unforgettable soiree. You can find a full complement of cheese knives, spreaders and forks to work with ultra-soft cheeses like brie, hard Pecorino Romano or Gouda and everything in between. That way you can cut, slice and cube your way to a great occasion that guests will love. Of course, no cheese is complete without great wine to cleanse the palate. Our wine decanters and gorgeous grater is another kitchen must-have.

Stainless-steel cheese knives are the go-to pick for everyday use and relaxed parties with family and friends. Theyʼre dependable, well built and easy to use. With a glowing luster, they also look elegant enough for entertaining. Many sets include a fork-tipped spear for slicing and serving, a flat cheese knife for uniform cubing and a small spade for cutting up wedges in no time. Open blade knives are a big help when youʼre cutting soft cheeses. To speed up prep time for every meal, make sure to have a high-quality chefʼs knife.