Cheese Knives

Take your parties to the next level with the distinctive touch of cheese. At Williams-Sonoma, we have everything you need to turn an ordinary cheese tasting into an unforgettable soiree. You can find a full complement of cheese knives, spreaders and forks to work with ultra-soft cheeses like brie, hard Pecorino Romano or Gouda and everything in between. That way you can cut, slice and cube your way to a great occasion that guests will love. Of course, no cheese is complete without great wine to cleanse the palate. Our wine decanters and gorgeous glassware make sure the evening is a success.

Copper is a great choice when it comes to picking out a set of cheese knives. Its lustrous sheen looks modern and elegant at the same time. Our copper pieces are fashioned out of stainless-steel for durability and strength, and then plated with copper to look amazing. Simple lines give our collection of fork-tipped spears, spades and flat knives an artistic quality that enhance any party. Afterward, just pop them in the dishwasher.

If youʼre getting ready for something even more sophisticated and really want to wow guests, think marble. Cheese tools with marble handles are always dressed to impress. Choose from pristine white marble or elegant beige tones instead. Both are hand polished to perfection for a marvelous look ideal for special occasions. Add smooth stainless-steel blades, and youʼre ready to host a party to remember. Pairing them with a marble serving board is a smart idea.

Wood slicers offer a lot of versatility and comfort. Go with dark woods or black pieces for an up-to-date style. Choose rich olive wood handles for some warmth and rustic charm. Their solid construction provides the support you need to cut any kind of cheese, but theyʼre lightweight enough to keep you cool no matter how many wheels you need to slice. Always have a professional cutting board on hand both for slicing and serving.

For unmatched distinction, itʼs hard to beat the classic feel of natural bone. They add a sense of refinement to any occasion, and are sure to make a big impression. Gently curving contours mixed with brilliant stainless-steel blades enhance the appearance of your knives even more. Check out our selection of exquisite dinnerware when planning a sit-down meal.

In the case of soft cheeses, and especially when youʼre expecting a lot of guests, having a professional-quality spreader saves you a ton of time. Whether youʼre planning on simple cheese and crackers or exquisite hors dʼoeuvres, a set of spreaders is always a good idea, both for prep and buffet-style service. The best part is they come in the same elegant designs as the rest of your cheese knives for a harmonious appearance. Using reflective trays for hors dʼoeuvres makes them stand out.

Cheese slicers help a lot when you just want to add some visual interest and extra flavor to your dishes. Our durable tools let you work with Parmesan and other hard cheeses as well as semi-firm selections. A sharpened stainless-steel blade makes quick work of potatoes au gratin and other family favorites. Best of all, cleanup is a breeze since theyʼre dishwasher-safe. A practical grater is another kitchen must-have.

Stainless-steel cheese knives are the go-to pick for everyday use and relaxed parties with family and friends. Theyʼre dependable, well built and easy to use. With a glowing luster, they also look elegant enough for entertaining. Many sets include a fork-tipped spear for slicing and serving, a flat cheese knife for uniform cubing and a small spade for cutting up wedges in no time. Open blade knives are a big help when youʼre cutting soft cheeses. To speed up prep time for every meal, make sure to have a high-quality chefʼs knife.