Bread Knives

Williams-Sonoma has a fine selection of bread knives fit for cutting different items in the kitchen. From a collection of Shun Classic and Shun Premier to Global Sai, Michel Bras and KAI Wasabi bread knives, squashed bread will be a thing of the past. Double serrated bread knives ensure smooth cutting from breads to roasted meats. Wüsthof Classic knives are designed from high-carbon steel that resists corrosion and has an extra inch of blade length, making it easy to slice the widest bread loaves. The Shun Classic offset bread knife has a scalloped blade that cuts off crusts easily without squashing the interior. The PakkaWood offset handle resists moisture and ensures optimal leverage when slicing breads. Our remarkable cutting boards provide a soft and stable work surface for slicing breads and vegetables. The edge-grain construction of wooden cutting boards holds up to years of chopping and slicing.

We offer different types of exceptional knife sharpeners guaranteed to sharpen your cutlery with ease. Chef’sChoice electric knives sharpen German and Asian knives at different angles, which is made possible by separate diamond-abrasive slots. For individuals who prefer manually sharpening their bread knives, whetstone and honing steel sharpeners are available in stock choices. Hand assembled to exacting specifications, Michael Bras diamond sharpeners feature a steel honing rod designed to keep your knives in top condition. Our Wüsthof Tri-stone sharpeners have a 240-, 1,000- and 3,000-grit side perfect for restoring or finishing a finely sharpened edge.

Keep your collection of bread knives organized by storing them in beautiful knife blocks. Proficiently crafted of solid maple, Shun Cherry knife blocks hold 23 knives, kitchen shears and a honing steel. The deep horizontal slots preserve the sharp edges of the knives while the nonskid rubber feet provide stability and protect your countertop. Blade guards, knife rolls and magnetic knife bars suit diverse tastes and work well with different sets of knives. Made from the same eco-friendly wood composite as its cutting board counterpart, the Epicurean magnetic block is smooth and easy to wipe clean. The recessed magnet holds your cutlery collection securely, and its space-efficient design allows you to store an assortment of bread knives of your choosing.

Whether you are searching for carving boards, knife blocks or starter sets, our exceptional top gifts are set to meet all your needs. Wüsthof Classic knife starter set features three high-carbon steel knives with full tang for exceptional balance and polymer handles that are contoured, offering a comfortable grip. Surprise your chef with our personalized monogrammed carving board. Its well-crafted handle makes it easy to lift and carry various items, and it is beautiful enough to serve as a platter. We offer a vast selection of kitchen pairing knives that are versatile and often used for slicing, trimming and peeling fruits. The blade of the Wolf Gourmet paring knife is made of high-carbon stainless-steel and has a patent-pending shape to reduce fatigue. Add a sense of style to your kitchen cutlery collection with color-coded paring knives to avoid cross-contamination. They are dishwasher-safe and have durable stainless-steel blades. The impressive sharpness of a Global Classic paring knife is ideal when precise and intricate cuts are desired. Adroitly crafted to outstanding standards, this ice tempered knife is seamlessly balanced and lightweight.

Embrace ingenuity and elegance with your favorite chef by using both bread knives and kitchen shears to prepare different sets of meals. We provide different types of kitchen shears such as Wüsthof and OXO poultry shears, Shun, Global and Michael Bras herb kitchen shears, all professionally designed for cutting meat and harvesting herbs. Shun snip shears have razor-sharp blades that slice cleanly through herbs and ergonomic handles. Our multi-purpose stainless-steel kitchen shears are dishwasher-safe and are often used as a bottle opener and screwdriver.