Woks: Best Woks, Carbon Steel Woks

The distinctive aromas, exquisite freshness, and matchless flavor of traditional Asian cuisines are hard for almost anyone to resist. Whether Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean or others, a common denominator in these magnificent cultures’ culinary legacy is the use of a wok in preparing many dishes. Woks provide incredible heat distribution allowing for quick cooking of meats and vegetables to ensure that they retain healthy nutrients, abundant and striking flavors, and precious juices. So whether you’re looking for an occasional exotic flair at your dinner table, or are a die-hard oriental-cuisine devotee, Williams-Sonoma has the perfect piece for you. The Williams-Sonoma Professional Nonstick Wok is perfect for stir-frying over high heat or deep frying as well, depending on the occasion. Its 100 percent aluminum construction ensures that food browns quickly and precisely, while the PFOA-free ceramic-titanium nonstick coating allows food to release painlessly without sticking. The result is a sumptuous meal for your family without the hassle of difficult cleanup afterwards. Make food prep simpler as well with a Santoku knife, a great choice for cutting large amounts of meats and fresh vegetables.

For those who need more heat than their household stovetop is capable of putting out, our electric Breville Hot Wok Pro is a convenient solution. It guarantees both rapid heating and precision temperature control of up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for great stir-fries, hearty soups and stews. For a special look for oriental cuisine, serve in one of our distinctive bowls. And if you need specialized Asian ingredients for a new recipe, we have an ample selection of flavorful cooking sauces and spices.