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A true tea lover often adds a number of specialty cookware sets and implements, in addition to teakettles, to a kitchen arsenal. There’s a teakettle out there to appeal to any personality or type of kitchen decor. With the right accessories, you can be assured of making that perfect cup of tea that will help ease the cares of the day. Whether you’re brewing a cup for just yourself or a pot for a special tea party, teakettles will manage the task of heating up the water to brew a cup or a pot of delicious tea. Williams-Sonoma has collected a wide array of teakettles and tea-serving accessories to make every time you serve tea a joy.

Stove-top teakettles put the convenience of hot water at your fingertips. These distinctive teakettles offer a wide range of styles to fit your unique kitchen theme or colors. What could be more perfect than a classic teakettle, which will whistle merrily to signal that it’s time to make your tea? The traditional shapes will appeal to your classic sense of style. If you prefer more of an eclectic design, you can find other teakettle models that are even more to your liking. A cast-iron teakettle comes in a variety of colors, and it has an innovative shape and outer coating that helps retain heat.

Electric teakettles offer convenience and speed to your tea-making process. One-touch units will automatically brew your tea according to your choice of brew strength and temperature. You can even delay the brew time and keep your tea warm thanks to the various settings on the unit. Find a design that fits your style with both traditional and modern teakettles available. Many models come in eye-catching colors, and they work with lightning-fast speed to deliver your hot water when you want it. A kitchen stocked with gadgets in the latest technology can’t be left behind without an electric teakettle.

A cook with a collection of copper cookware will definitely want to add separate pieces, such as a copper whistling teakettle. Imagine placing this beautiful teakettle on your stove top where it will add charm to your kitchen decor. The flat base of the teakettle ensures swift heating of the water, while the large loop handle on top makes it easy to grip the teakettle firmly and allows for comfortable pouring. When your water is hot, the teakettle will call you with a whistle that sounds like a two-tone Hohner harmonica. This copper accessory also comes with a special mitt for handling the teakettle safely.

Many cooks prefer to use ceramic nonstick cookware in the kitchen. Although nonstick properties are not essential for a teakettle, many other cookware items will benefit from having this protective coating. New innovations in nonstick cookware even help keep the surfaces free of damage and scratching to keep your pieces in better condition. From frying or sauté pans to sauce pans and Dutch ovens in a variety of sizes, nonstick cookware simplifies both the cooking and cleanup process so you can spend more time enjoying your dinner guests. This can even leave more time for enjoying a relaxing cup of tea after you finish your kitchen duties.

For the cook who collects cast-iron cookware, a cast-iron teakettle will fit easily into a collection. Choose a color to match other pieces, such as sapphire blue, graphite, basil or black. The glossy exterior may even fool you because it looks more like ceramic than cast iron. This teakettle won’t disappoint you with its durability and performance either.

A tea lover committed to making the best tea may even decide that more than one teakettle is necessary.

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