Multipots & Steamers

Double Boilers, Double Boiler Pots & Multi Pots


Freshly cooked seafood, vegetables and other dishes are healthier steamed and multipots and steamers make it easy to cook using this method. At Williams-Sonoma, we offer a large selection of stock and multipots to expand your cooking techniques.

Our large multipots offer an 8-quart main pot for canning or prepping large batches of soups and stews and an additional perforated insert that cooks pasta, shellfish and blanches vegetables. The large handles on the side make it easy to remove the insert and drain the water quickly, with no need to use an additional strainer. Steamer sets provide healthy cooking techniques by minimizing the use of oils. The base pan works for cooking on its own, but with the steamer insert you can steam vegetables, fish and other foods quickly.

A stock pot is a necessity in almost any kitchen. Available in a variety of sizes, they work well for making large portions of pastas for big family dinners or cooking up a lobster or crab boil. Copper pots add some luster to the kitchen while enameled steel pots heat quickly and retain more heat.

When winter sets in, soup pots often become the home chef's number one tool. Their large, wide design accommodates whole chickens and larger portions of meat with vegetables for simmering without spilling broth over the edges. Our soup pots come in a variety of finishes including stainless-steel, copper and colored ceramic. Add some multipots to your kitchen and bring something new to the table.