Large Pots & Steamers

Having all of the right cookware in your kitchen is not only paramount to making a good meal, but also to you relaxing and enjoying the art of cooking. Having just several pots and frying pans can make cooking a little tougher. Having more equipment and cookware also elongates the life of your pieces. It is a good idea to have several large pots and steamers. Great for big meals, they also work well for small, family meals when steaming seafood or vegetables.

A multiport with steamer basket is a Williams-Sonoma exclusive, and its versatile design allows you to cook a manner of different things. Steam vegetables using the included steamer insert, boil up a huge lobster dinner or create your own spaghetti sauce for big dinners on family evenings. Stainless-steel construction renders this multiport extremely durable, and it can be used on any surface, even induction. For an added bonus, using nonstick cookware such as our professional nonstick steamer sets, gives you a multiport with a myriad of uses. Use the steamer insert for steamed dinners, or simply use the bottom as a nonstick pot to cook a large countertop meal.

One of the must-have items in any kitchen is a double boiler. When it comes to making some of your favorite recipes, a double boiler is a necessity, and there is no viable substitute. Use this device for melting chocolate, making fondue or preparing hollandaise sauce. The double boiler from our Copper Cookware Collection is especially stunning, with a 1.5-mm copper construction allowing for temperature control and the best in heat conductivity. The tight-fitting top seals out moisture, ensuring that your sauces or candies will be perfect every time.

Add some bold creativity to your kitchen set with some niche steamers and large pots. Make homemade snacks with kitchen appliances like the Whirley Pop, a stovetop popcorn machine and steamer, or the best steamed asparagus with a stainless-steel asparagus steamer pot. A potato steamer allows for the best and healthiest potatoes for your nightly dinner while a smoker pan brings your outdoor cooking inside by allowing you to smoke any type of food right on your stove top. A stainless-steel construction and aluminum core provides the best in heat distribution, and the included lid, smoking chamber and rack allows you to smoke everything from steaks to ribs without having to step foot outside. Other must-have items include a steamer basket and soup pot, for whipping up a big pot of soup on a long winter’s day.