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There is no such thing as having too many pots in the kitchen. Whether you’re a pasta fiend or a pastry genius you need trustworthy pots and double boilers to help you create the most delicious meals and desserts ever. Our perforated multipots with steamers perform beautifully when cooking spaghetti and steaming garden veggies alike. Our copper and All-Clad double boilers are essential to making perfect ganache and Hollandaise sauce. Don’t fret if pot lids get broken or go missing since we have replacements in glass and metal versions. Check out our old-school popcorn maker pan, too, when picking out your favorite specialty pots. The kids will have fun watching you turn the crank and listening to the kernels loudly pop.

You’ll be less likely to misplace your best pots and lids by storing them on a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted pot rack with adequate hooks. Shelf-style pot racks are also available and are useful where ceilings and walls are not suitable for supporting heavy cookware. Multipot components may be stored in a nested fashion in cupboards and cabinets if there is no room for racks. Remember: if you regularly boil water for tea or other purposes don’t depend on an open sauce pan or pot. Order a proper tea kettle that will heat water to your preferred temperature and let you know when it’s ready.