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Stainless-Steel Fry Pans

One of the most versatile and needed staples in any home kitchen, a fry pan or skillet is great for frying meats, poultry, potatoes, vegetables and a variety of different foods from breakfast side items to complete dinners. Having the right type of equipment in your kitchen makes cooking much more enjoyable and seamless, and many professional chefs use stainless-steel in their professional kitchens as well as in their kitchens at home. A great material for the construction of fry pans, stainless-steel provides durability and strength.

Choose from many different types of stainless-steel fry pans or opt for a set if you are replacing several pans at one time. Most home cooks find they need several fry pans and skillets of varying sizes in order to properly cook different types of food. Many of the fry pans available from Williams-Sonoma are available in several different sizes for convenience. These fry pans with stainless-steel construction are typically made with 18/10 stainless-steel, which is strong, durable and meant to last for years of cooking. Some of the fry pans with five-ply construction offer the highest in durability, made of different layers of varying aluminum and stainless-steel. Stainless-steel pans with a nonstick coating are always PFOA-free, ensuring that no harmful toxins ever make their way into your cooking. This nonstick interior also provides for an easy, seamless cleanup after dinner has commenced.

Some fry pans and sauté pans have included lids to lock in moisture, keeping foods warm even after you’ve pulled them from the stovetop. A hybrid sauté pan, for instance, provides a large capacity, which is ideal for small batches of sauces and stews, but also provides the convenience of a stainless-steel fry pan. Nonstick side surfaces allow for easy release of food and easy cleanup. This pan also have a five-ply construction for top durability.

There are also stainless-steel specialty fry pans to consider, especially if you’re trying to branch out your cooking. An omelet pan with Thermo-Clad construction offers top durability with an easy-to-clean nonstick finish, giving you a perfect, springy omelet every time. An all-in-one Copper Core skillet has a copper core, which is great for uniform heat, nestled between layers of aluminum and stainless-steel, for the maximum in durability. A deep, stainless-steel sauté pan allows you to fry items, such as fries and onion rings, and a chef’s pan allows you to make nearly any type of food, from savory sauces to fried potatoes.

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